Airline Is Offering $9.99 Fares To Cancun


, a low cost Mexican-registered air carrier which launched service in November 2007, is expanding to viva-aerobus.jpgthe U.S. market in a big way. For a limited time, seats as low as $9.99 each way are being offered on flights from Austin, Texas to Cancun or Monterey.

Co-owned by IAMSA — the Mexican bus company — and RyanMex — owned by the Ryan Family which owns and operates low-cost Irish carrier, RyanAir — VivaAerobus will be commencing U.S. service on May 1st.

Not every seat will be sold for the $9.99 price which does not include fees and taxes which would push the fare up to about $55 each way (compared to $421 or higher round trip with some other air carriers), but seats are available at that price for typical black out periods including July 4th.

VivaAerobus — which bill’s itself as Mexico’s low fares airline — is strictly no frills with no food or drinks included, although both are available for purchase on-board. Boarding and seating is first come first served; passengers may check one bag, but additional bags will be checked for a fee.

The airline presently operates a fleet of five Boeing 737-300 jetliners. Its base of operations is in Monterey with 19 Mexican cities currently served. Check out their route map

for more information.

Job opportunities with VivaAerobus are posted on their website

in Spanish as candidates must be fluent in that language.


4 thoughts on “Airline Is Offering $9.99 Fares To Cancun”

  1. Beware of *VIVAAEROBUS*
    They will give you a total but when you view your credit card statement you will find that they overcharged you. When you call, they will say that they tacked on all kinds of ridiculous charges and refuse to refund the overcharges. I also got charged over $20 in foreign transaction fees from my bank!

  2. Mogabooboo — That really stinks! I’m not too surprised as the $9.99 fare sounds more like a come on than anything else. Still, the foreign transaction fees from your bank seem quite steep — have you considered contacting your bank to have them waived? Lots of banks already do business in Mexico so that shouldn’t be a problem for them.

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