April 2008 Hiring Forecast

Hello friends!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who stops by this site in response to an ad, because of an internet search, or from a bookmark you flight attendant jobs

made during an earlier visit. Your support means a lot to me.

Second of all, I’ve decided to publish a monthly update to cover current hiring trends as this is the easiest way for me to reach everyone without repeating the message again and again. Starting with this post, I’ll be updating the community with airline related news, information that should be accurate, fresh, and interesting. Expect fresh reports within the first five days of the new month with the occasional revision done throughout the month.

Without further delay I offer to you the following:


is hiring flight attendants, but only those with bilingual skills need apply. This airline is not in the best of shape and with a merger with Northwest pending, job security will likely become an issue. Still if you are fluent in Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, or Mandarin, then this legacy carrier could be right for you. Visit their career opportunities

page for more information.

Yes, Virgin America

has updated their site (and we’ve updated our information) to show that they are once again accepting applications for In Flight Team Members which is their term for flight attendants. Virgin America is on Cabin Managers’ Exclusive List

, our premium group of air carriers who offer superior pay, newer aircraft, and excellent working conditions. Click on Careers when visiting the Virgin America site and search for the job on their site.

Continental Airlines

is hiring flight attendants, one of the few legacy carriers in a position to expand. If I wanted to work for an established air carrier, I would include Continental on my list. Starting pay is low, but they are a good business.

Quite a few regional air carriers are hiring, bucking the trend of most national and international airlines. American Eagle, Trans States, Pinnacle, Republic, Mesa Air Group, Chautauqua, Atlantic Southeast, Colgan, and SkyWest are among those that are currently hiring. Just remember that the pay is usually quite low and in many cases you’ll be the sole flight attendant onboard.

For people wanting to work overseas, both Emirates and Etihad are worth considering. Silverjet has had some financial problems, but they are hiring crew to be based in Dubai.

Porter Airlines is hiring for crew

who will be based in Toronto; they initiated service to New York (EWR) on March 31st.

Finally, there are a handful of air carriers who fly exclusively charter. Omni Air International

has bases in Baltimore, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Las Vegas and the air carrier has a pair of open houses

scheduled for this month.

That’s it for April — if you have comments or questions, hit the reply button below and I’ll do my best to answer you as soon as I can.


— I removed information about Skybus which was part of my original report. Just today (04/05) I learned from Bobbie Sullivan

that the airline is ceasing operations, citing high fuel prices and a slowing economy as chief reasons for going out of business. In addition, Bobbie pointed out that three other air carriers are also going or gone: Aloha Airlines, Champion Air, and ATA Airlines. Clearly, if you want to be a flight attendant these days high fuel prices and a sour economy could upset your plans.

For those of you who have been recently furloughed please accept my good wishes as you begin to plan your future.

8 thoughts on “April 2008 Hiring Forecast”

  1. Given how many airlines have shut down their passenger operations just recently, there are an awful lot of great flight attendants out there who will be looking for new jobs. Your monthly review of current hiring trends is a wonderful, and very welcome, feature on CabinManagers.com. I will pass along the word and your website’s address.

  2. Thank you, Bobbie! I’ve changed the title a bit to “Hiring Forecast” as this monthly report is simply my best guess as to who is hiring at the moment.

    You are correct — a lot of flight attendants are or will be furloughed as the airlines consolidate or cutback. Some of the newer carriers look worthwhile, though the pay with the regionals remains well below the industry average.

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  4. I am just trying to get more details on Airlines that actually hire internationals for their inflight team. I am a Jamaican, where the only airline that we have access to is our own airline Air Jamaica. Please help me out if you have any information on airlines that are open to hiring international staff

    Suzanne Ingrams last blog post..1

  5. Hi Suzanne, thank you for your comment.

    Regarding the hiring of international flight crew, two airlines come to mind and they are both based in the Middle East. In addition, I happen to feature them here:

    Etihad Airways and Emirates Airline

    It may be a long shot for some to get hired, but if you visit their websites they are seeking people from around the world. Other than that, your best choices are those airlines which fly in and out of Jamaica (if you still live there).

    I hope this helps — things are tough out there!

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