Etihad Announces June Stateside Recruitment

Etihad Airways

Cabin Managers has learned that Etihad Airways

, the national airline for the United Arab Emirates, is planning to hold flight attendant recruiting sessions this month. Two cities, New York and Los Angeles are the main focus of this recruiting drive, but they aren’t alone. 8 U.S. cities have been identified as part of Etihad’s current recruiting effort and we’re listing those cities here.

Etihad Airways Steps Up Flight Attendant Recruiting

According to the published information sheet sent to me, the following is the information related to Etihad’s June sessions:

Etihad Airways is coming to the US in June to conduct interviews for new cabin crew members. We are looking for candidates for our Cabin Crew and Onboard F&B Manager roles. We will be in the following cities on the following dates:

  • New York, 14 June
  • Chicago, 15 June
  • Minneapolis, 16 June
  • Seattle, 17 June
  • San Francisco, 18 June
  • Los Angeles, 19 June
  • Houston, 21 June
  • Atlanta, 22 June

Full descriptions of both jobs are available on our websites (

), but basic details are below. If you are interested in either of the positions, you can reply to this advertisement by emailing your CV and a copy of the photo page from your passport to [email protected]. Please list the city of interest on the subject line of your email. If you are selected for an interview, you will be sent an invitation with full details about the day.

For Cabin Crew: You don’t need to have flight attendant experience; however, 2 years of customer service experience is required.

For Onboard Food & Beverage Manager:

You need to have supervisory F&B experience in a 4-5 start hotel (Assistant F&B Manager, F&B Manager, Catering Manager) and should be ready to take your F&B experience to an airline to serve guests while aboard the aircraft.

Additional Information You May Find Helpful

Lots of people have asked us about Etihad’s recruitment process. We found that visiting their site and reading the information supplied is the best course of action to take. Specifically, visit their recruiting page

and you’ll find everything you need about working for Etihad.

Best wishes to everyone who applies!

Note: Etihad is not the same airline as UAE-based Emirates Airline. Emirates is holding recruiting sessions in two Canadian cities during June, but no U.S. locations have been mentioned.

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