Is It Time For A Resume Makeover?

As one year ends and another one begins, it is easy to reflect on what is past while looking forward with to the new year with anticipation. A new year offers people an opportunity to start anew — new clothes, fresh vacation plans, even a new career.

Happy New Year!One area that may be needing urgent renewal is your resume. Have you taken a good look at it lately? If not, you could have a document that is outdated or no longer relevant, just the kind of information that could cost you your next job.

How often should you update your resume? At least every time some of the information on it changes, but definitely at least once a year. Please read on for some helpful tips on updating your current copy.

  • Your personal information. You haven’t moved in five years and your cell phone number is still the same. How about your home phone number or your email address? Have they changed since you last updated your copy? If your information is incorrect, employers may not be able to contact you.
  • Your objective. You may still be looking for full-time employment, but if the type of job you want has changed, then you need to update your objective accordingly. Better yet, write your objective to state what you can do for the company instead of what you want from them.
  • Your references.

    If you are listing references on your resume, then you must remove them. Current references should be listed on a separate document and shared only upon request. You can change the final line of your resume to read — References: Furnished upon request. That should do it.

The airlines are always looking for sharp people and one of the steps in the screening process is your resume. Make sure that your resume is up to date, accurate, and interesting. Have a friend check it for errors and keep a fresh copy handy to mail out as needed.

Set yourself apart from the pack by resolving to update your resume in the new year. Your goals are within site; don’t let your resume hold you back!

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