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ExpressJet Supports Employees Who Make A Difference



ExpressJet co-workers, Rose Morgan and Lo Lyons, prepare their team’s float for the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure. (PRNewsFoto/ExpressJet)

Airline news has been particularly bleak this year as a rash of air carriers call it quits and as many other airlines struggle to survive. If you’re a regular visitor to CabinManagers, then you are familiar with the frequent reports of one airline after another going out of business.

In the midst of all of this, it is always good to find the occasional ray of light which manages to penetrate the darkness. One company, ExpressJet Airlines, has been shining a bright light lately, in the area of giving back to the community. The following story tells how several ExpressJet employees banded together for different worthy causes and made a difference in the process:

After she, her mother, and her aunt, were simultaneously diagnosed with breast cancer, Lyons sprang into action for the cause of early detection for all.

“This cause was close to me, and many of my closest friends are my co-workers,” said Lyons. “We formed a walking team and raised money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure. My company and my co-workers have been some of my greatest supporters.”

Employee morale at work also gets a boost from employee charitable efforts after hours.

“Today’s employees are concerned about whether the values of the company for which they work are compatible with their own personal viewpoints,” said business consultant Roger E. Herman.

Mark Silver, a retired Navy pilot and motorcycle enthusiast who flies for ExpressJet Airlines, joined the first annual Texas Honor Ride to raise money for wounded soldiers and their families. The group of motorcycle clubs rode across the state to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. With one email, Silver kick-started a movement that spread through the company.

“To be able to ride together, as a team, as co-workers, and to be able to give something back to those who gave us so much, truly made us proud of ExpressJet,” Silver said.

Kudos to ExpressJet for creating an environment where workers can make a difference whether they are at work or working together on their own time. For the complete article and tips on how to organize an event like the two mentioned here, please visit ExpressJet Airlines


ExpressJet Remains Independent

Until 2002, ExpressJet was a unit of Continental Airlines before the airline was spun off in a public offering that raised $500 million. ExpressJet had received an offer in April 2008 from SkyWest Airlines

to buy ExpressJet at $3.50 per share, but that offer was rejected. Instead, ExpressJet renegotiated its regional service agreement with Continental and will provide 205 jets to serve Continental going forward.