A Slightly Different Way Of Doing Things

Since relaunching last month, CabinManagers has been featuring the cream of the crop

when it comes to the airlines. We’re simply not satisfied with listing just any airline, rather those air carriers who pay above the industry average. Our thinking is that flight crew should get paid a competitive salary as well as fly on newer, safer aircraft.

One problem with developing an exclusive list is finding airlines that meet our special criteria and are also hiring. Some visitors to this site have expressed gratitude that we’ve singled out the best airlines for them, but they have also asked us an important question — if an airline isn’t hiring right now who else should we consider working for?

This question has given us reason to pause as we realize that several featured airlines aren’t hiring at the moment while others geographically or politically restrict people from flying. For example, our newly added Virgin Atlantic

listing is terrific but they aren’t hiring right now. And, when they do, you must have a valid EU passport. This is too bad because we think that any airline Richard Branson owns or influences is worth considering (US residents should consider Virgin America

the next time they are hiring).

Now, as somewhat of a compromise, CabinManagers will begin sharing with you those air carriers who might be a good place to start your career and could actually work out for the person who is looking for a long term career.

For the moment, we’re only posting SkyWest Airlines

interview sessions and we’ll be updating that list on a regular basis. We have a few other airlines in mind and there information will be included in the near future. Keep in mind, those airlines we think are tops get featured on our sidebar under Jobs

while this “secondary list” is not.

This isn’t a big change in the way we do things, but it can be helpful for those of you seeking employment with a quality airline. We’re still scouring the globe for premium job opportunities and will be listing them here as we find them.

CabinManagers, for the record, isn’t acting as an agent for any airline nor are we endorsing their management style, business practices, etc. This site exists merely for informational purposes to provide you with relevant information to assist you with your decision-making.

Safe flying!

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