***No Fees Charged For Job Referrrals***

CabinManagers was founded in April 2004 by Matt Keegan as a message board community for corporate flight attendants. Over time, that site grew and eventually became known as the Corporate Flight Attendant Community


When the message board, catering section, and web pages were united under one banner in June 2005, CabinManagers remained the forum section for the community until the site was sold in June 2007. Although the site was sold, Matt retained the web address for CabinManagers.

Airport Scene

In October 2007, Matt decided to breathe new life into CabinManagers by re-purposing the name to become an online source for all

aspiring flight attendants — commercial and corporate.

Today, CabinManagers represents a resource center for new cabin crewmembers everywhere, the cabin crew managers on jets of all sizes (hence the name).

We invite you to review our site as we have plenty of information to help you get started in this rewarding career. Specifically, we have pages that will assist you in:

  • Finding out what sets a corporate flight attendant apart from their commercial colleagues and the special skills needed to succeed in this niche arena.
  • Articles related to helping cabin crewmembers succeed in their careers, to balance their personal lives, as well as to build their skills, will regularly be added to this site.
  • Last but certainly not least, this site features select job opportunities — those positions we think will be the most beneficial to your career. Yes, CabinManagers is selectively sharing the best opportunities in the world of flying as we believe no flight attendant should have to work for very low pay or be in a situation where little respect for your career is given. However, we do track the entire job market

    , for those who prefer regional flying and other opportunities.

Thank you for visiting CabinManagers and best wishes for finding a position that will take your places!

***No Fees Charged For Job Referrrals***

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