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July 2008 Hiring Forecast

Gulf Air

Happy Birthdays,


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Today is Canada Day and Friday marks Independence Day

, two holidays important to the people of Canada and the United States of America, respectively.  These two nations share a lot in common, never mind one of the longest peacetime borders in the world.

Airlines In Canada and the USA

Both countries have been taking it on the chin lately when it comes to their airline sectors, with the US probably suffering the most. Canada is doing better in the current economic challenge as the housing sector downturn in the US is chiefly an American thing. However, high jet fuel prices isn’t good for anyone and,  where the US has embraced deregulation and seen a spate of recent airline failures, Canada has cautiously gone down the same path, but with less abandon.

I was going to use this month’s hiring forecast to take a special look at Canada, but there isn’t much to report other than this:

Seeking Work In Canada?

If you are an American who doesn’t have the right to work in Canada, applying for a position with a Canadian registered air carrier is useless. Conversely, if you are a Canadian seeking work in the US, you won’t find employment either. The reason: flight attendants are not classified as one of those positions where workers are needed. In fact, with all of the layoffs over recent years, there are many furloughed flight attendants looking for work. One exception: if you are seeking work in your own country for a position with the other country’s air carrier, you might be eligible for employment.

Canadian flight attendant jobs can usually be found posted on the airline’s website or on Workopolis

, the big job search engine specific to Canada.  Since rolling out the new Cabin Managers last fall, I’ve also added information about Porter Airlines, small regional operator based in Toronto. This airline is now flying to Newark Airport, but their flight crew is domiciled in Toronto. Other positions such as customer service representative, ramp agent, and aircraft maintenance engineer are open to US citizens at Newark.

Flying Internationally

Both Canadians and Americans can sometimes find work in other countries, especially if a call for employment of foreign nationals has been made. Cabin Managers has tracked two air carriers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways and both are hiring. Each airline has held open houses recently in the US and in Canada, providing an opportunity for people to check them out. A third airline, Gulf Air, which is based in Manama, Bahrain, is also hiring flight attendants. They have a specific page

for US or Canadian residents to visit to learn more this opportunity.

The Months Ahead

Beyond the short term, events unfolding over the coming months will foretell the direction the airline industry is heading. If fuel prices remain elevated or continue to rise, then more bankruptcies will take place and employment prospects will further dim. If fuel prices drop significantly, much of the pressure will be reduced though not altogether removed. And, as long as the threat of higher fuel prices remain, further consolidation will take place in a bid to cut costs.

As always, please bookmark this site and check back frequently for updates. If you have some information to share, feel free to hit the comment button and share what you have with everyone else.

Safe flying!

June 2008 Hiring Forecast

Charter Airlines Offer A Wonderful Alternative To Scheduled Flying

A quick survey of the airline industry landscape and it isn’t difficult to realize that the hiring forecast for flight attendants is currently gloomy.

A few bright spots remain, especially for the flight attendant prospect willing to be based and work overseas. Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways are at the vanguard of those types of airlines hiring today, with regional US providers also hiring. With the latter, you can expect substandard pay and tough working conditions.

Charter Airlines: Offering Something Different

Boeing 787For June, instead of repeating the usual choices or focusing on the downside of the industry, I thought it would be of interest to readers if I mentioned those airlines who primarily or exclusively fly charter. Specifically, airlines which fly sports teams, companies, and vacationers on demand.

Please note that although a charter airline is listed, it doesn’t mean that they are hiring at the moment. Typically, these types of air carriers are quite small and staffed with crew who have been employed for a long time. Some use supplemental flight attendants for special flying (such as Haj pilgrimmage), but for the most part you must be trained by them and already on their payroll in order to fly with them:

Allegiant Air — This ten year old airline is located in the Las Vegas, NV area and flies both scheduled and charter flights. The airline routinely holds information sessions

for flight attendants.

Miami Air International

— Founded in 1990, this Miami, FL-based airline provides charter service for companies and for the federal government. At present, Miami Air is extensively involved in ferrying troops back and forth to the Middle East.

Omni Air International — Located in Tulsa, OK, Omni is celebrating its Omni Air International25th anniversary this year. The airline flies for international charter operators and provides service under government contracts. Several of the airline’s jets are currently being wet-leased to other companies.

Pace Airlines

— Located in Winston-Salem, NC, Pace exclusively operates as a charter air carrier. The airline has contracts with sports teams and companies and launched Hooters Air in 2003, a scheduled airline service that closed shop in 2006.

Primaris Airlines

— This Las Vegas, NV air carrier is one of the newest and smallest charter operators, having gotten its start in 2002. Though flying just two aircraft, the airline made news a few years ago when they announced that they would purchase 20 Boeing 787 aircraft, a deal they later rescinded.

Ryan International Airlines

— Headquartered in Rockford, IL, Ryan started out in the early 1970s as a cargo carrier and began adding passenger flights some ten years later. Today, the company flies for tour operators and is important provider of transportation for college and professional sports teams.

Sun Country Airlines — Headquartered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Sun Country offers limited scheduled and regular charter services, the latter for tour operators in Mexico and the Caribbean. The airline recently began to build up its Dallas business in a bid to serve travelers to Mexico. Bobbie Sullivan reported April on Professional Pilot News

that Sun Country laid off 45 pilots, so please keep that in mind if applying.

USA3000 Airlines — Established in 2001 by Apple Vacations, USA3000 is headquartered in the Philadelphia, PA area. The airline’s all-Airbus 320 fleet is one of the newest in the industry and flies tour groups from the Northeast and Midwest to Florida, the Dominican Republic, and to Mexico.

USA Jet Airlines — Operating a fleet of MD-9 aircraft with seating for just 50-74 passengers, Ypsilanti, MI-based USA Jet serves freight and charter clientele exclusively. The airline flies sports teams, political candidates, members of the media, tour groups, and provides travel for companies.

World AirwaysWorld Airways — Based in Peachtree City, GA, World Airways has been flying for 60 years. Primarily a freight hauler and a charter operator, World’s largest customer is the federal government. The airline also owns North American Airlines.

Xtra Airways

— Located in Elko, NV, Xtra got its start in 1987 as Casino Express Airlines

. The company flies mostly charter flights including for casino tour operators. Flight attendant applications are being accepted with anticipated hiring to commence in Spring 2009.

This list isn’t comprehensive, but it does include all of the U.S. based airlines who regularly provide charter service.

A Stable Future?

One question that prospective candidates have in mind when working for a charter airline is this — are they stable enough to survive the ups and downs of the business? Though it is impossible to predict how any airline will perform long term, the advantage for a charter operator is that their increased costs (namely fuel) are passed on to the customers.

Unlike scheduled airlines who must hold the line on costs or risk losing business, the pressure for charter operators is a bit different — they still want to offer the best service at a decent price, but they can only do this by recouping their rising costs from their customers.

In conclusion, if you are interested in seeking employment with a charter operator, then click on the provided links and see what they have to offer. Send your resume directly to the airline and bookmark their hiring information page(s) to keep tabs on them.

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Photo Attributions:

Boeing 787 courtesy of Yasobara


Omni Air courtesy of Christopher Kern


World Airways courtesy of Peter Rimar.