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July 2008 Hiring Forecast

Gulf Air

Happy Birthdays,


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Today is Canada Day and Friday marks Independence Day

, two holidays important to the people of Canada and the United States of America, respectively.  These two nations share a lot in common, never mind one of the longest peacetime borders in the world.

Airlines In Canada and the USA

Both countries have been taking it on the chin lately when it comes to their airline sectors, with the US probably suffering the most. Canada is doing better in the current economic challenge as the housing sector downturn in the US is chiefly an American thing. However, high jet fuel prices isn’t good for anyone and,  where the US has embraced deregulation and seen a spate of recent airline failures, Canada has cautiously gone down the same path, but with less abandon.

I was going to use this month’s hiring forecast to take a special look at Canada, but there isn’t much to report other than this:

Seeking Work In Canada?

If you are an American who doesn’t have the right to work in Canada, applying for a position with a Canadian registered air carrier is useless. Conversely, if you are a Canadian seeking work in the US, you won’t find employment either. The reason: flight attendants are not classified as one of those positions where workers are needed. In fact, with all of the layoffs over recent years, there are many furloughed flight attendants looking for work. One exception: if you are seeking work in your own country for a position with the other country’s air carrier, you might be eligible for employment.

Canadian flight attendant jobs can usually be found posted on the airline’s website or on Workopolis

, the big job search engine specific to Canada.  Since rolling out the new Cabin Managers last fall, I’ve also added information about Porter Airlines, small regional operator based in Toronto. This airline is now flying to Newark Airport, but their flight crew is domiciled in Toronto. Other positions such as customer service representative, ramp agent, and aircraft maintenance engineer are open to US citizens at Newark.

Flying Internationally

Both Canadians and Americans can sometimes find work in other countries, especially if a call for employment of foreign nationals has been made. Cabin Managers has tracked two air carriers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways and both are hiring. Each airline has held open houses recently in the US and in Canada, providing an opportunity for people to check them out. A third airline, Gulf Air, which is based in Manama, Bahrain, is also hiring flight attendants. They have a specific page

for US or Canadian residents to visit to learn more this opportunity.

The Months Ahead

Beyond the short term, events unfolding over the coming months will foretell the direction the airline industry is heading. If fuel prices remain elevated or continue to rise, then more bankruptcies will take place and employment prospects will further dim. If fuel prices drop significantly, much of the pressure will be reduced though not altogether removed. And, as long as the threat of higher fuel prices remain, further consolidation will take place in a bid to cut costs.

As always, please bookmark this site and check back frequently for updates. If you have some information to share, feel free to hit the comment button and share what you have with everyone else.

Safe flying!

Business Aviation is Booming While Airlines Are Swooning

For those of you considering a career as a flight attendant, perhaps rethinking your aspirations to work on a corporate jet would be the best approach for you to take. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the sole flight Corporate Flight Attendant

attendant on board a $45 million dollar jet winging passengers and crew in five-star comfort to destinations around the world? The high level of service you will be providing, your pay and benefits, and overall working conditions trumps anything that the airlines can possibly offer.

In case you haven’t noticed, business aviation is booming. Yes, those small jets that are often parked on the other side of the field at airports all across the US are in great demand.

40 New Aircraft For NetJets

Just last week Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, reached an agreement with NetJets to supply a total of 40 new Gulfstream aircraft. The agreement is valued at approximately $1.9 billion which means that four Gulfstream G450s and four Gulfstream G550s will be delivered to NetJets each year from 2012 through 2016. This deal also includes a long-term maintenance support agreement.

No, that may not sound like a lot of jets being delivered, but NetJets has the largest business jet service in the world. NetJets provides long-range service for corporations, wealthy individuals, and celebrities who must be able to fly on short notice. NetJets has over 90% of the long-range cabin fractional market and is the largest operator of Gulfstream aircraft in the world. As of June 2008 NetJets’ worldwide Gulfstream fleet totals 110 and is comprised of 21 Gulfstream G550/V, 55 Gulfstream G450/400/IV-SP and 34 Gulfstream G200s.

Accepting Applications

In the US, NetJets has two fleets operating — one flying Falcon Jets, the second flying Gulfstreams. The Falcon Jet side of the business isn’t accepting applications right now, but the Gulfstream side is. So, if you are interested in applying, then why not send your resume out today?

For Gulfstream large cabin aircraft mail to:

NetJets International, Inc.

108 Traders Cross Road, Ste. 100
Okatie, SC 29909

Fax 843.705.8001

[email protected]

For flight attendants interested in flying with NetJets Europe email: [email protected]

NetJets Comes Highly Recommended

Please check directly with NetJets regarding their current hiring status. Though CabinManagers can’t forward your personal information to NetJets on your behalf, we can recommend the company as being a solid performer offering very good pay (beginning salaries in the low 40s) and excellent working conditions.

Yes, the airlines are swooning while business aviation is booming. Perhaps taking a hard look at what flying on a corporate jet requires is a good way to go.


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