Exactly what is a corporate flight attendant?

A corporate flight attendant is the woman or man who provides cabin management services on-board a business jet. These private jets typically have between 10 and 19 seats with the average larger jet offering seating for 12 to 14 passengers.

The Corporate Flight Attendant — Premium Service

Jenny at the Beach

A corporate flight attendant almost always is the sole cabin crewmember on a business jet. Her responsibilities include passenger comfort and safety — just like her commercial colleagues — but there are some significant differences between the corporate flight attendant and the airline flight attendant.

Specialized Training For Private Jet Crewmembers

The passengers who fly on private jets require a premium level of service. Therefore, food is catered from high-end restaurant type caterers and wine service is a given.

Corporate flight attendants receive specialized training in food and wine service, catering ordering, and specialized safety training.

A cabin crewmember on a private jet provides a similar service to what an executive’s personal assistant offers, but tailored to in-flight service. No, the corporate flight attendant isn’t required to handle the executive’s personal affairs, but she is expected to arrange and dispatch all of in-flight amenities an executive (or celebrity) would require.

Excellent Pay, Great Benefits and Travel to Exotic Destinations

There is a running joke with the airlines when it comes to travel — you’ll fly to an exotic destination, but only on your time and if a jumpseat is available. Buffalo, Atlanta, Detroit and Oakland aren’t exactly favorite destinations, but they are — more often than not — the types of cities where the airlines go.

For business jet fliers, thousands of smaller and less used general aviation airports are used which means that passengers get to land closer to their final destination. Trips to Paris and the Orient are common as are visits to Los Cabos and the Canary Islands. Guess what? When you are on layover, your free time is yours to do what you!

Pay rates average in the low $50,000 range with smaller operations and some fractional operators paying in the mid-30 to mid-40,000 range. Pay rates of $65-75,000 range are possible especially with a private owner as opposed to a charter provider.

Clearly, the advantage of a corporate career over the airlines is what drives many people to the world of private jet flying.

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