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Flight attendants assist in the performance of cabin and/or ground service by ensuring the safety, welfare, comfort, and enjoyment of customers.

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

When: National flag carrier Etihad Airways is hiring cabin crewmembers with previous experience only. Etihad takes pride in their diverse workforce. Citizens of Canada and of the United States of America are welcome to apply. Visit this web page to learn more

and to apply.

Why: Etihad Airways pays a competitive salary and offers excellent benefits. You will earn your money tax-free, be given a free unshared one bedroom apartment, comprehensive medical coverage, and have 30 paid leave days per year. One downer: you’ll be based in Dubai and only be able to fly home (at their expense) once annually.

Employment requirements:

Minimum Criteria:

  • At least 30 years of age.
  • At least 5 years continuous experience as Cabin Crew
  • At least two years continuous experience as a Cabin Manager (qualified SCCM) within the last 24 months on a widebody, 2 class aircraft.
  • Ability to upload certificates and documentary evidence of Cabin Crew qualifications at application and at assessment.
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken.
  • Ability to pass a full medical for the GCAA and UAE residency requirements.
  • Weight in proportion to height.
  • High standard of personal appearance and grooming.
  • No tattoos that would be visible whilst wearing the Etihad uniform.
  • Possession of a passport allowing unrestricted world-wide travel.
  • All minimum requirements for Cabin Crew


  • Ability to speak Arabic.
  • Experience of living and working in the Gulf region.

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