Flight Attendant Opportunities

Our Exclusive List!

The following airlines offer what CabinManagers.Com considers to be among the best career opportunities for aspiring flight attendants.

When we developed our exclusive list, we included only those airlines we would apply to ourselves if we were in your position. Pay, benefits, working conditions, and the age of the fleet were the main factors we used to establish this list. We will be updating our featured airlines on a regular basis so please bookmark this page and check back for the latest information.

Please click on links to learn more about each airline:

Emirates Airline

EOS Airlines

Etihad Airways


Porter Airlines


Virgin America

Virgin Atlantic

Corporate Opportunities

If you are looking for additional flight attendant opportunities, please visit our job market

page for a list of other air carriers currently accepting applications and/or hiring.Apply directly to the airlines

— please do not send your resumes to us as we will not forward them for you.



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