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Virgin America Airlines Flight Attendants

Who: Virgin America Airlines

What: Flight attendants assist in the performance of cabin and/or ground service by ensuring the safety, welfare, comfort, and enjoyment of customers. Flight attendants must obtain and retain certification under FAA regulations.

Where: San Francisco, California USA

When: As of April 2008, Virgin America has updated their site and is recruiting for In Flight Team Members (flight attendants). Open to people who have a legal right to work in the United States of America.

Why: An all-new airline sporting the Virgin label. Richard Branson may not have a majority interest in this air carrier, but his “midas touch” is being felt nonetheless. Is there any wonder why thousands are applying to work for this airline?

Employment requirements:

* Experience in guest service delivery and sales preferred
* Effective communication skills
* Basic computer literacy and comfort with technological learning

Job Requirements

* Must be at least 21 years old
* Authorized to work in the United States
* Willing to travel extensively
* Willing to be based out of San Francisco and fly out of SFO on short notice
* Able to work nights, weekends, holidays and extended hours
* Possess and maintain a valid United States passport or foreign passport. Applicants must have the right to travel freely in and out of the United States, to and from all cities served by Virgin America Airlines without restriction
* Demonstrate dependability
* Physically fit in order to pass applicable training programs, including being able to open aircraft doors, lift emergency window exits (approx. 30 lbs.), assist with carry-on luggage stowage, push meal & beverage carts (up to 150 lbs.)
* Body size cannot exceed specific aircraft dimensions (example: jumpseat, harness without modification, cabin aisle and emergency exits)
* Ability to perform safety related procedures.
* Able to reach in overhead bins and galley compartments to retrieve emergency equipment and service items.
* Must successfully pass a background check and a drug screen

Professional Certifications and Education Required

* High school diploma or GED required, college degree desirable

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