R.I.P. Silverjet

London-NY Business Class Flying Is Dead


Business class airlines flying from the New York metropolitan area to London just cannot catch a break.

One, Two, Three Bankrupt Airlines

First, it was MAXjet Airways who folded just before Christmas 2007, leaving passengers scrambling in a bid to get home. Plans to re-launch the carrier as a charter operator apparently are on hold.

Second, it was EOS Airlines

who announced this Spring that their elite business class service was through, citing rising fuel prices and competition for its demise. EOS’ claim to fame was its introductory $6500 roundtrip airfare, with 48-passenger seating and amenities rivaling what corporate jet fliers receive.

Third, and last, is Silverjet

the British-registered airline that recently seemed to have worked out a key funding plan which would have rescued the airline, but today Forbes has reported that the airline has been shut down and all 300 employees fired. Silverjet had suspended operations two weeks ago when it ran out of cash, but an Irish suitor canceled the deal.

Sardine Class, Anyone?

All three airlines sought to carve out a niche abandoned by the SST market after the last of the aging aircraft were pulled from Air France’s and British Airways’ fleets. Though no one was promising to get passengers back and forth across the Atlantic quickly, the business-style air carriers could at least do it in style, something the legacy air carriers weren’t doing.

Alas, the New York-London business-class only market is now dead. Businesses will have to choose whether to fly corporate or to catch a flight on one of the big American or British air carriers, flying choices which are at polar opposites of each other.

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