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Our First Contest — Enter Today!


Could A Resume Makeover Be In Your Future?

CabinManagers is proud to announce their first contest ever! The prize? Some lucky winner will be chosen on Friday, November 16, 2007

, to have their resume made over for free


Resume writing is a service I have offered in the past through various sites I have managed; in those cases I charged clients anywhere from $89 to $150 for my work.

I want to give away this service to one lucky recipient, but I need for you to submit your resume in order to be considered.

This is the how the contest will work (the rules):

  • Please register with this site in order to be eligible to participate in the contest. Registration is free and I will not

    give your personal information out to a third party. I only want flight attendants to enter or people who aspire to become one. Your registration shows me that you are serious about this career.

  • If you have additional information to include with your resume, then send that in too. I’ll piece your information together to create a compelling resume, just the type of document hiring authorities are pleased to receive.
  • Entries must be received by 12 Noon, Eastern Time, on Friday, November 16, 2007. A winner will be announced by 5 p.m. on that day. The winner will be notified by email and will receive their updated resume within one week. The new resume will be sent as an email attachment in Microsoft Word to the email address supplied.

So go ahead and get your resume together and send it to me as soon as possible. If you don’t have a current resume handy, you may send your details within the body of your email.

Don’t forget — register for this site and send in your resume right away! Please stop by our cruise ship resource center when you have a chance too.

Please Note:

No winner was selected for this contest due to the lack of entries. We’ll repitch this contest at a later date when interest has increased.

We're Happy to Help Out!

CabinManagers Is Off To A Good Start!

Although the present version of this site is still only a few weeks young, we’re pleased to report that your response has been outstanding! We appreciate all of the queries made flight attendants

concerning our featured opportunities and urge you to apply directly to the airlines that interest you.

People seem pleased that we feature only the better paying opportunities, trusting us to point them in the right direction.

Our List Of Airlines Will Be Expanding

We’re working on expanding our list of recommended airlines and will list 2-4 additional air carriers by early December. Our criteria is stiff; specifically we require that:

  • Featured airlines offer above average pay for new flight attendants. We believe that no new flight attendant should have to settle for less than a US$25,000 annual salary. In some cases we’ve gone below that amount, but only if free housing is offered.
  • Decent benefits should be extended to employees. Medical coverage, 401(k) or some other type of retirement plan, paid time off, and profit sharing make for a competitive benefits package.
  • New jets should be used. Many of the established airlines use older aircraft which are prone to breaking down. We think flight attendants prefer flying on the newest jets with some of the better amenities standard equipment.

Please Share Your Recommended Air Carrier

Of course, one airline may be much more preferable to you than another one, but at least you do have some good choices to consider.

If you would like to recommend an air carrier not featured on this site, feel free to send an email to [email protected] Please explain why you think that airline should be featured and we’ll personally review your recommendation.

Finally, check out our customer service article to learn what bad customer service is all about!